Salim drops large marriage hint

Many of a videos have been done in a 6 months given Mehajer, 33, was expelled from Cooma prison, with a new haircut and a clean physique, to reunite with Melissa “Missy” Tysoe.

Ms Tysoe’s Instagram stories posted on her page that has 46,400 supporters uncover a loved-up integrate smooching and vocalization in baby language.

And are matrimony bells in a air? A post only 5 weeks ago of Ms Tysoe is captioned “designer wifey”, and he has sworn to adore her “until we die” in Post-It notes.

Despite Mehajer confronting roughly 50 superb rapist charges, a videos are relentlessly upbeat with kisses blown during a camera, and a span snuggling adult with bear faces.

In a many new video, posted only weeks before Mehajer’s 28 rapist charges are due in opposite courts for discuss or committal, Ms Tysoe has her conduct on his shoulder and Salim has heart eyes.

Two weeks ago, Tysoe posted this design of her and Salim with adore hearts for his eyes. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

‘Designer wifey’: Is matrimony array 2 on a cards? Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

Hearts and kisses everywhere in their Insta videos. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

The Instagrammable span graphic in a post on Missy Tysoe’s page. Picture: InstagramSource:Supplied

In another, Ms Tysoe is rub-down Mehajer’s scalp as an emoji video of a magician rub-down her cat with their faces imposed hovers over his head.

The Instagram stories, in that both Mehajer and Ms Tysoe arrangement blindingly white teeth, discuss a luminary cosmetic dentist and a Parramatta hair stylist, captioned “hair goals”.

Mehajer is set down to go to hearing for purported charges of perjury and perverting a march of probity stemming from an purported calculated automobile crash.

He has pleaded not guilty to all a charges.

But if he fails to successfully urge a allegations during a Jun 2020 trial, it could meant going behind behind bars.

The fifth anniversary of a intemperate matrimony to his now disloyal ex-wife Aysha Learmonth that bearing Mehajer into a open spotlight falls in August, 2020.

While Mehajer was criminialized progressing this year from regulating Instagram as partial of his recover conditions, Ms Tysoe is an eager user.

Mehajer’s 2015 matrimony to Aysha Learmonth. Is another matrimony on a cards for him?Picture: Toby Zerna.Source:News Corp Australia

In her Instagram videos, hearts and stars abound, as do animal and humorous face filters.

She has superimposed their faces on “the integrate everybody is sceptical of” meme from a comedy film, Masterminds,

Ms Tysoe posted a younger print of Salim with a anxiety to Justin Bieber’s Baby ft. Ludacris song.

Ms Tysoe seems struck by Salim’s childish facilities or nature, job him in one design “My hulk baby”.

Heavily filtered photos of a integrate during a NRL grand final dressed in immature Canberra Raiders supports shirts have been posted with a heading “we are a champions”.

The span was snapped by a bystander walking to a stadium.

After a Raiders mislaid to a Roosters 14-8, a heavily filtered design of Ms Tysoe with her arms around Salim’s shoulders was posted with emojis and a caption: “Lost a diversion though won in life”.

Mehajer with his father (holding box, right) emerges from Silverwater jail after he was postulated bail, in Apr 2018. Picture: Brendan Esposito.Source:AAP

The span is due to applaud their initial Christmas together, carrying met on New Year’s Eve 2017.

Last Christmas, they were in a center of an 11-month subdivision while Mehajer was sealed adult for electoral rascal in a ominous 19th century former goofy haven that is now Cooma Correctional Complex.

Before a former skill developer and Ms Tysoe, a Central Coast business graduate, share a coming gratifying season, Mehajer is due in probity on 3 apart days in December.

On Dec 11, 3 charges of act with vigilant to debase a march of probity are listed for discuss in a Parramatta District Court.

He faces one count any of make fake matter on promise amounting to perjury, tell fake or dubious element to obtain advantage, and fake illustration ensuing in military investigation

Mehajer also faces dual depends of possess taboo drug, one of supply taboo drug, inattentive driving, ask or make fake call for ambulance, not stop during a line and not keep left of a dividing line.

Salim Mehajer and his barrister Zali Burrows leaves Cooma Jail in May after he served 11 months for electoral fraud. Picture: Sean Davey.Source:News Corp Australia

Salim Mehajer is being taken to Westmead Hospital following a pile-up that resulted in his being charged. Picture: Seven News.Source:Channel 7

In Burwood Local Court on Dec 10, his listed charges are one count any of not interlude during a red arrow, not spin left from a multi-lane highway and motorist use mobile phone when not permitted.

He also faces 4 depends any of designedly make fake stipulation for element benefit, designedly or corruptly make fake replaced declaration, and understanding with temperament information to dedicate indictable offence.

These are listed before Parramatta probity on Dec 12 for internal probity committal.

Mehajer is accustomed to pity critical dates with a probity system.

On his 33rd birthday, on Jun 12 this year, 3 weeks after his jail release, Mehajer was in Parramatta probity appealing a astringency of his judgment for inattentive pushing and contravening an AVO.

The former emissary Auburn mayor had returned to a cells, only for a night, a week before over difficulty about his bail conditions.

That evening, posted on Ms Tysoe’s Instagram page, is a design of them during dinner.

A video posted around a same time facilities an design of her in a Snapchat bear face filter fibbing beside Mehajer.

Salim Mehajer arrives with a bandaged wrist after being systematic to attend Parramatta probity a day after his birthday. Picture: Joel Carrett.Source:AAP

Another design shows a integrate dressed adult in intelligent infrequent wear by a waterfront.

On this image, Ms Tysoe wrote: “Happy Birthday Baby. I’m so beholden we were born.

“I trust all happens for a reason and any impulse in a lives led us to be in a same place during a same time that fatal night.

“I remember we missed a midnight countdown given we were too bustling staring during any other. The finish of a year. The commencement of a lifetime.

“I don’t know where my life would be if a paths never crossed. we only know we never would have found adore if we didn’t find you. X”.

Within a following week, @mumm — bear44 has combined a post: “Where’s his smear expel ???”

This refers to a play that played out in probity a day after Salim’s birthday, when he unsuccessful to seem and a undone decider threatened to emanate a warrant.

His counsel Zali Burrows told Judge James Bennett Mehajer was during Fairfield Hospital palm clinic, after medicine on his wrist a day before had been cancelled.

Love records maybe posted from Salim’s jail cell. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

‘Reminder: adore we until a day we die’. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

By 2pm, Mehajer fronted Parramatta District Court wearing a short-sleeved shirt with a uninformed white gauze on his right wrist.

Two weeks later, Melissa Tysoe posted a amatory design of Mehajer snuggled on her shoulder with a heading “sleepy bear”.

That same week, Mehajer was behind in probity fighting recover conditions preventing him from carrying a mobile phone or accessing Instagram and other amicable media.

Mehajer told Judge Bennett he had been in “excruciating pain for weeks” after slicing a smear expel off his palm with scissors so it didn’t get in a approach of his favourite attire, a fit coat.

The probity listened Ms Tysoe had mental health issues and was too fearful to seem in probity alongside him.

Judge Bennett remarked that with a array of opposite probity cases he was facing, Mehajer’s life was “shambolic”.

In a weeks since, Ms Tysoe has posted images of Salim with her pet goat, with a baby, smiling and captioned “cutie”, opening a oppulance car, and with some-more hearts.

A video posted in Sep entitled “study buddy” appears to uncover him concomitant her to college.

Mehajer’s counsel pronounced his matrimony (above, graphic with his mother) occurred during a ‘hypermanic proviso of his bipolar disorder’. Picture: Toby Zerna.Source:News Corp Australia

Ms Tysoe has many posts on her Instagram page about her study for dual degrees, with her posted formula in selling and business government subjects display tip scores.

In other videos posted given Ms Tysoe and Mehajer met roughly dual years ago, he appears to be an sexual Post-It note writer.

A array of yellow gummy records sealed off with handwritten adore hearts, emojis and a initials “SM”, contend “I adore you”, “thinking of you” and “can’t wait to see you”.

Around a time Mehajer was removing into difficulty inside Cooma jail, culminating with his attack of a jail officer on Sep 7, 2018, Ms Tysoe posted on Instagram a video of a array of his Post-It adore notes.

Mehajer no worse for wear after a night in a slammer over bail conditions. Picture: Joel Carrett.Source:AAP

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A probity after listened that Mehajer was taken off jail privileges – entrance to television, phone calls, hit visits and “buy-ups” of equipment such as chocolate and toiletries – for 56 days.

Written on a Post-It records with hand-drawn adore hearts are a words: “Reminder: we adore we forever” and “Reminder: we will continue to adore we until a day we die”.

Ms Tysoe has formerly certified she would happily marry Mehajer, whose divorce from Ms Learmonth was finalised in Mar this year.

Their 2015 wedding, that took over a streets of Lidcombe in western Sydney, featured 4 helicopters, 30 super cars, 50 motorbikes, a jet flyover and 100m of red carpet.

During one of Mehajer’s bail hearings, a year ago, his counsel pronounced a pennyless had bipolar episodes and that his claims of oppulance resources – trinket and paintings value $1.725m – competence be a delusion.

Police physique cameras record his detain for crack of bail during his Lidcombe mansion. Picture: NSW Police.Source:Supplied

Salim (above with Tysoe, before a mirror) was so endangered about his coming he used hairspray during his arrest. Picture: NSW Police.Source:Supplied

His impracticable matrimony to Ms Learmonth occurred during a “hypermanic proviso of a disorder” a NSW Supreme Court heard.

In Jun final year, Melissa Tysoe told Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM she had been during Mehajer’s home when masked group with crowbars who pennyless in to take trinket attempted to get into bed with her.

But she pronounced nonetheless Mehajer was “very romantic”, she hadn’t nonetheless had sex with him given their assembly 6 months progressing given he was “deeply religious”.

Mehajer spent Jan to Apr of 2018 in Silverwater jail before being postulated bail on a automobile pile-up associated charges.