Sandeep Dhaliwal: Murdered US Sikh policeman celebrated in UK

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Tributes have poured in from around a world

Hundreds of people in Wolverhampton, UK, have paid reverence to a Sikh US troops officer who was killed during a slight unit in Texas final month.

The murder of Harris County Sheriff Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal, 42 – who was hailed as a “trailblazer” for apropos a initial officer in Texas to wear a normal Sikh turban and brave – sent shockwaves by a US as good as in Sikh communities around a world.

Sun Kaur, of United Sikhs, pronounced that as a group’s homeland confidence director, Dhaliwal “lived bland in use of others”. She pronounced he “proudly wore his turban” to symbolize his fasten to “equality for all”.

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Texas Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal’s commemorative was organised by his sister, a British councillor

Dhaliwal had been drawn to a life of village service, orator after orator recounted during a commemorative on Saturday.

His father served in a Indian Navy and his uncle, too had served in a Indian military.

Dhaliwal’s sister, Spring Vale sentinel Labour councillor Rupinderjit Kaur, also paid reverence to her hermit during a commemorative use that she had helped organise.

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“People contend he was in a wrong place during a wrong time though we contend he was in a right place since he was doing his duty,” she had pronounced when she initial schooled of his genocide in a US.

Both siblings were innate in India before relocating away. Mr Dhaliwal initial worked as a lorry motorist in Texas before after fasten a sheriff’s dialect 10 years ago, she recalled.

During a eulogy, Ms Kaur remembered her hermit saying: “Never concede with your faith to fit in. Be an example.

“If we [Sikhs] don’t tell a universe about ourselves, afterwards who will?”

Dhaliwal was shot in a behind of a conduct by a crook who feared going behind to prison, troops say. His murdering is not suspected of being a hatred crime.

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Dhaliwal wore a turban in his central troops portrait

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Twitter post by @nspauk: A smashing debate currently @kauronamission. A genuine discernment into Sandeeps work with @unitedsikhs . Even some-more desirous by him. Very good done. United we will always sojourn 🙏🏾 Image Copyright @nspauk

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Twitter post by @Sukhi_Kaur_84: Touching debate by @NeenaGmep during a commemorative use for Deputy Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal in Wolverhampton today. “Sandeep has paved a approach for honour in a Sikh temperament for destiny generations” Image Copyright @Sukhi_Kaur_84

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Twitter post by @HCSOTexas: A Harris County proprietor sent us a video of depressed Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal. “He laughed and joked with all of us, and left a splendid sense on my son who is deaf,” she said. Deputy Dhaliwal is an implausible detriment not usually to a HCSO family though to a whole community. Image Copyright @HCSOTexas

Reporting by Minreet Kaur

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