Sensational allegations of incest family

The Colt indicted incest family will be apart into apart trials as 3 of a comparison inherent house males face mixed charges of sex with children and inciting obscenity among their immature relatives.

Sensational allegations of what allegedly happened on a clan’s tip dirty plantation in a hills behind a NSW nation city will be tested during dual trials in a state’s District Court.

Four women, including a mama of a family purported to have intent in incest going behind 4 generations, will go to conference initial on perjury charges.

Matriarch Betty Colt, who reportedly had incestuous passionate family with her possess father Tim, is confronting 5 charges of creation a fake matter on promise amounting to perjury.

The charges describe to her allegedly perplexing to disguise a paternity of her children.

Betty’s sister Martha, 5 of whose children DNA tested to being a product of closely compared parents, is charged with 6 depends of perjury.

Betty’s sister Rhonda and daughter Raylene also face one assign any of perjury.

All family members were given court-appointed “Colt” pseudonyms by NSW Children’s Court president, Judge Peter Johnstone, in a 2013 visualisation to strengthen a children’s identities.

The hermit of Betty, Charlie Colt, who slept in a “marital bed” with his sister Martha on a remote beggarly brush block, will go on conference during a after date on 27 charges.

The charges embody 6 of passionate retort with a child underneath 10 years, 4 of faulty attack with a chairman underneath 16, and 12 of inciting aggravated obscenity of a chairman underneath 16 while in authority.

Betty Colt (above) will go to conference initial with dual of her sisters and her daughter, charged with allegedly perplexing to disguise a paternity of her children.Source:News Corp Australia

Martha Colt and her eldest son Albert, who is now aged 21, is charged with 6 depends of perjury.Source:Supplied

Charlie Colt, above being arrested in 2018, will mount conference on mixed charges with 3 other masculine Colt relatives.Source:Supplied

Three of Charlie’s masculine relatives, including dual group believed to be his nephews, will face justice as his co-accused.

Cliff Colt faces 21 charges including 4 of passionate retort with a child underneath 10 years, and 12 of inciting aggravated obscenity of a chairman underneath 16 while in authority.

Roderick Colt faces 19 charges including dual of aggravated passionate retort with a chairman aged between 10 and 14, and one of passionate retort but consent.

He also is charged with 12 depends of inciting aggravated obscenity of a chairman underneath 16 while in authority.

Another masculine Colt faces dual charges of incest with a chairman around 16 years aged underneath a management of a purported offender.

The claims about what a indicted incest family did on their beggarly brush retard include

that Colt family “adults intent in enlivening children who were compared to one another to rivet in passionate acts”.

Colt children, some of whom were found on a plantation to be malformed, marred and abandoned of hygiene, will attest during a sealed prerecorded justification conference subsequent month.

Some children spoke in senseless speech, walked in a shuffling fashion, didn’t know how to wash or purify their rotting teeth and used a brush as their usually toilet.

District Court Judge Kate Traill and Judge Gina O’Rourke will reason a hearings underneath a Child Sexual Offence Evidence Program Scheme that began in Aug this year.

Judge Traill will hear justification of allegedly high levels of intra-familial passionate activity speedy among cognitively-impaired and neglected children.

Three immature masculine Colt family members, who have given turn adults, will transport from widespread to testify.

The remote campsite in southern New South Wales where generations of children were found vital in pollution in sheds and shabby caravans but sanitation.Source:News Corp Australia

Brother and sister, Charlie and Martha Colt slept in a ‘marital bed’ on a beggarly brush block.Source:News Corp Australia

The late Tim Colt fathered some of daughter Betty’s children.Source:Supplied

Bobby Colt, one of Betty’s sons might testify.Source:Facebook

The purported offences occurred in a years before a Colt house was damaged up, on Jul 18, 2012, when a procession of police, gratification workers and paramedics arrived during a family’s scrubland camp.

For generations, a Colts’ tip life of purported inherent passionate family between brothers and sisters, uncles and nieces and fathers and daughters had left unchecked.

Betty’s parents, Tim and June, took a house from state to state, avoiding detection.

Betty Colt after disclosed that June’s kin were hermit and sister.

As one of Betty’s 13 children, son Dwayne, after suggested when he was taken into care, her father Tim Colt had started carrying sex with her when she was 12 years old.

Dwayne, whose DNA exam suggested that along with 4 other of Betty’s children he was a product of inbreeding, allegedly told carers his father was Betty’s father.

On “the day of removal” some-more than 7 years ago during a plantation outward Boorowa, nearby Yass NSW, authorities detected a Colt children in allegedly intolerable conditions.

Several had never used a toothbrush or toilet paper.

Betty, (centre) with daughter Raylene and another relative, will go to conference in Feb subsequent year.Source:Facebook

The beggarly brush retard where authorities pennyless adult a Colt house on a ‘day of removal’ in 2012.Source:News Corp Australia

Many of them had avoided school, had developmental delays, cognitive impairments and earthy deformities compared with inbreeding such as low-slung ears and misaligned facial features.

Detectives from a State Crime Command’s Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad determined Strike Force Hermoyne to examine allegations of incest, child passionate assault, and critical slight of children in a family.

In Apr 2018, patrol members arrested 8 Colt family members in raids opposite NSW, South Australia and Western Australia.

The conference for a 4 indicted womanlike Colt family members will start on Feb 10 subsequent year, before Judge O’Rourke.

The conference for a 4 masculine indicted will follow.