Shane Warne savages Aussie flop

Shane Warne and Andrew Strauss, partial of a Sky Sports Cricket explanation team, rate their country’s players.


Aaron Finch — 0 off 1 round — 4/10

It is flattering tough to decider someone who gets out initial round to a good delivery. He captained flattering good and attempted hard. It was not a good day for him and he will be unhappy though during slightest he won a toss …

David Warner — 9 off 11 balls; 2x fours — 4/10

He has had a unequivocally good contest though unfortunately he got a unequivocally good round from Chris Woakes, substantially a best round of a day. He couldn’t do many about his dismissal.

Steve Smith — 85 off 119 balls; 6x fours — 8/10

Smith was fantastic. Without him Australia would have struggled to make 150, we suspicion he batted unequivocally good when wickets were descending around him. It was tough going for him.

Peter Handscomb — 4 off 12 balls — 3/10

He should not have been in a group in a initial place and he did not demeanour like creation a run. He should have been out 3 or 4 times during his brief innings.

Australia's Peter Handscomb leaves a margin after being discharged by England's Chris Woakes. (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

Australia’s Peter Handscomb leaves a margin after being discharged by England’s Chris Woakes. (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)Source:AP

Alex Carey — 46 off 70 balls; 4x fours — 7/10

I suspicion he batted unequivocally good after copping a nasty one. He showed a lot of bravery and was unequivocally brave. we suspicion his innings was unequivocally good though he indispensable to bat for another 5-10 overs and Australia competence have been means to post a good score.

Marcus Stoinis — 0 off 2 balls, 0-12 (2 overs) — 4/10

He will be unhappy with his game, he didn’t collect a wrong ‘un from Rashid and he didn’t have any impact unequivocally with a ball.

Glenn Maxwell — 22 off 23 balls; 2x fours, 1x 6 — 5/10

He threatened to uncover his talent, he had started to come good though was cheated by a slower round from Jofra Archer. He fielded unequivocally good though

Pat Cummins — 6 off 10 balls, 1-34 (7 overs) — 7/10

I suspicion he was fantastic, he has unequivocally had a crack. He never gives adult no matter a situation, we can see with his physique denunciation and all his efforts with a round were unequivocally good.

Mitchell Starc — 29 off 36 balls; 1x four, 1x six, 1-70 (9 overs) — 5/10

He has been shining via a contest though he usually didn’t utterly get his straps or have adequate charge opposite England. He didn’t play adequate melancholy deliveries or nasty brief things to set a tinge and was too full.

Nathan Lyon — 5 not out off 6 balls, 0-49 (5 overs) — 5/10

He was another actor not to have many of an impact and England played him unequivocally well. He was adult opposite it and it was a unequivocally tough conditions for him to play in.

Jason Behrendorff — 1 off 4 balls, 0-38 (8.1 overs) — 4/10

He needs conditions to go his way. If we get him on a prosaic wicket like this he doesn’t demeanour that melancholy and we was unequivocally astounded he bowled a initial over. Starc should have finished it to try and set a tone.


Jason Roy was ‘outstanding’. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Jason Roy was ‘outstanding’. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)Source:Getty Images

Jason Roy — 85 off 65 balls; 9x fours, 5x sixes — 9/10

There was a lot of hype around Roy heading into this diversion and he delivered perfectly. Outstanding batting, control, charge and some outrageously crafty attack opposite a spinners.

Jonny Bairstow — 34 off 43 balls; 5x fours — 7/10

Along with Roy he continued their unusual opening partnership, a usually black symbol was regulating adult a examination pointlessly for an positively stone-dead lbw.

Joe Root — 49 off 46 balls; 8x fours — 8/10

He achieved his purpose in saying a group over a line perfectly, doing what was asked of him.

Eoin Morgan — 45 off 39 balls; 8x fours — 9/10

He deserves a lot of credit for removing England in a right support of mind to play a must-win diversion in a positive, assertive manner. He was certain in a field, always looking for a assertive choice and to take wickets. When he came in to bat, he got over a initial short-ball barrage.

Ben Stokes — 0-22 (4 overs) — 6/10

A mostly unknown purpose — he wasn’t compulsory with a bat and he usually bowled a few overs with a ball. It was illusory for England to be means to win though a grant from Stokes.

Jos Buttler — DNB — 6/10

England’s big-game player. Everyone suspicion he would have to play a large purpose but, actually, was over-abundance to requirements. However, his run out of Smith was critical and his gripping was tidy.

Chris Woakes celebrates holding a wicket of David Warner. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

Chris Woakes celebrates holding a wicket of David Warner. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)Source:Getty Images

Chris Woakes — 3-20 (8 overs) — 9/10

England’s unsung favourite via a World Cup — he started off brilliantly with a new round and he got a esteem wicket of David Warner.

Liam Plunkett — 0-44 (8 overs) — 6/10

He did not make many of an impact with many of a tough work finished before he came on to bowl.

Adil Rashid — 3-54 (10 overs) — 7/10

It was Adil’s best bowling opening in a World Cup. He achieved his purpose of holding wickets in a center overs fantastically and it was a good googly to get absolved of Marcus Stoinis.

Jofra Archer — 2-32 (10 overs) — 9/10

This was a biggest diversion of his career and he delivered beautifully with a new round and afterwards constructed some unequivocally crafty variations during a behind finish to get absolved of Glenn Maxwell.

Mark Wood — 1-45 (9 overs) — 7/10

He showed good gait again, not indispensably on a best representation for him, and he achieved his purpose well.

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