Shattering blow for Lakers’ NBA hopes

Cousins was diagnosed with an damage that could sideline a six-time All-Star large male for most — if not all — of a entrance season. The player’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, pronounced a timeline for medicine is being discussed.

Cousins harmed himself in a examination in Las Vegas progressing this week. The ACL rip comes about 18 months after he ruptured his left Achilles, and roughly 4 months after he tore his left quadriceps muscle.

Those prior injuries cost him a lot of games and income and his latest reversal will usually supplement to that.

The Achilles rip preceded Cousins’ 2018 outing to giveaway agency, one where he could have ordered a multi-year understanding surpassing $148 million. He wound adult carrying to pointer a one-year, $8 million agreement with Golden State.

And this summer, again after traffic with injury, Cousins had to settle for most reduction than a going rate for someone averaging some-more than 20 points and 10 rebounds per diversion for his career. He sealed with a Lakers on another one-year deal, this time for $5 million.

“I’ve told y’all before we don’t take any of this for granted,” Cousins pronounced in June, during a NBA Finals where he and a Warriors mislaid in 6 games to a Toronto Raptors. “I’ve seen how discerning this diversion can be taken divided from you. So each possibility we get to go out there and play, I’m going to leave it on a floor.”

DeMarcus Cousins falls to a building in practice.

DeMarcus Cousins falls to a building in practice.Source:Supplied

This could have been a large year for Cousins, who was going to get a possibility to play with LeBron James and reunite with his former New Orleans teammate Anthony Davis with a Lakers — a group with vital aspirations after an off-season register overhaul.

A large year could have set Cousins adult for a poignant agreement subsequent summer. It’s misleading now if he’ll play during all before he earnings to a open market.

Cousins’ damage will leave a blank on a Lakers’ register as distant as centre goes. Among stream Lakers, usually Davis and JaVale McGee have spent any poignant time in their careers during that position.

Cousins has averaged 21.2 points and 10.9 rebounds over tools of 9 NBA seasons with Sacramento, New Orleans and Golden State.

Cousins is one of usually 11 players in NBA story to normal that many points and rebounds per diversion in a career, a list that includes dual other active players — Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns and Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid.