Teens in caring in Birmingham ‘without food or bedding’

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Paige Brookes pronounced she was not given any bedding on her initial night in a house

Teenagers placed in an unregulated home in Birmingham have claimed residents were mostly brief of food and infrequently not given bedding.

Councils paid adult to £28,000 per month for a child in caring to be accommodated by Rodor Housing and Support Limited.

Children as immature as 15 lived in a residence where they were given a tiny self-contained flat.

The organisation denied 15-year-olds lived there and pronounced it had a foodbank for children and flats were entirely equipped.

It is not bootleg for under-16s to live in unregistered homes, however such placements are disheartened by Ofsted.

A looked-after-child aged 16, who lived in a house, told BBC Newsnight she slept underneath a skinny sweeping and her cloak for her initial 10 nights there.

One or dual support staff formed in an bureau on a ground-floor disposed a residence that accommodated adult to 6 children.

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The girl, who can't be named for defence reasons, pronounced she was approaching to do her possess food selling and cooking nonetheless had no cooking apparatus and her customarily cutlery was an MS cruise fork.

She pronounced she was so inspired that she begged staff for food though was refused.

Two adults who visited a teen pronounced they were repelled to learn she had no duvet. They spent £200 on food and domicile essentials for a girl.

Supported accommodation is opposite to a children’s home – not only given it is unregulated – in that staff are not customarily approaching to prepare for a children, who are also meant to emporium and bill for themselves.

They also do not take them to school, though should be accessible to assistance teenagers learn independence.

‘Called beloved for help’

Newsnight estimates a child’s legislature paid some-more than £15,000 per month for her accommodation and support.

Another former resident, Paige Brookes, pronounced she changed into a residence when she was 16, and was not given bedding on her initial night.

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Marven Gabula pronounced no 15-year-olds lived in a house

“I had to call my boyfriend’s father who had to expostulate from Solihull to Birmingham during about 11 o’clock during night and we had to expostulate around perplexing to find somewhere open to get bedding, pots, pans, cleaning stuff.”

Her council, Walsall, paid £2,000 per month for her to live in a house.

The claims have been investigated by Newsnight as partial of a array Britain’s Hidden Children’s Homes about unregulated homes for looked after children.

There are now some-more than 5,000 looked-after-children vital in “supported accommodation” – homes that yield support though not caring and that do not have to be purebred with, or legalised by, Ofsted.

This form of accommodation is deemed suitable for 16 and 17-year-olds able of transitioning to independence.

However, Ms Brookes common a home in Birmingham with during slightest dual children underneath 16.

Newsnight recently suggested that on any given night, some-more than 100 under-16s are vital in these unregulated homes.

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The residence has given been sealed after coercion movement by Birmingham City Council

Rodor Housing and Support pronounced a association had a foodbank for children who unsuccessful to bill wisely and all a flats were entirely versed with cooking apparatus and bedding.

Although a firm’s owner, Marven Gabula, denied that children underneath 15 lived in a house, Newsnight has seen an occurrence news prepared by a association that clearly states that one of a children concerned was underneath 15.

Newsnight also understands that another 15-year-old child was picked adult from sanatorium and taken to a residence by Mr Gabula when he changed in.

A few days later, Rodor sent an check to a child’s legislature for £22,000 for a child’s accommodation in a residence for that month.

Since Rodor Housing and Support started trade in 2014, a association has perceived some-more than £7m to residence looked-after-children, according to investigate finished by a Open Contracting Partnership and a Spend Network for Newsnight.

Home closed

The series of children in Ms Brookes’s residence during any one time varied, though Newsnight’s investigate suggests that in a good month, Rodor could acquire £74,000 in fees for only 6 children.

“Local authorities would not determine to compensate something they don’t determine to,” Mr Gabula said.

“No-one is holding them during throat level. If internal authorities wish to demeanour during sundry options, they will demeanour during sundry options.”

Newsnight has oral to dual former residents of Rodor Housing and Support properties who spoke rarely of a company.

Nottingham City Council, that is one of Rodor’s biggest customers, also pronounced it had no concerns about a company.

Rodor Housing and Support operates about 20 upheld accommodation properties in a West Midlands.

However, a home Ms Brookes lived in has given sealed following formulation coercion movement by Birmingham City Council.

The legislature pronounced it had been converted to flats but formulation accede and was not sealed off as protected by a building control officer.

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