Tested: Peugeot’s new sporty weapon

A hot-hatch energy onslaught over a past few years has pushed outputs towards 200kW; over in some cases.

That’s left a opening between in some makers’ choice between their hard-edge opening heroes and their some-more genteel, garden accumulation models.

Hyundai has filled a opening in a i30 operation with a N-Line, while Kia and Renault have GT versions of their particular Cerato and Megane hatches and Holden has a Astra RS.

The regulation is a same; a somewhat some-more absolute turbo, stiffer suspension, gummy rubber and risque styling cues.

The 308 GT is singular to 140 examples.

The 308 GT is singular to 140 examples.Source:Supplied

Peugeot is a latest to put a feet in a water, slotting a special book 308 GT in between a $31,990 Allure and $45,990 GTi. It will cost $39,990 and on-roads, about a same income as a Subaru WRX or Hyundai i30N.

On sale this month, a GT will be a singular run of 140. No good need to hurry, though, as Peugeot has sole fewer than 250 308s in a initial 7 months of a year.

The additional income over a Allure buys we a lot some-more performance. The Allure creates do with a three-cylinder turbo with only 96kW while a GT has a 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo with 165kW/285Nm.

The 308 provides a sportier choice for those not wanting a manic GTi.

The 308 provides a sportier choice for those not wanting a manic GTi.Source:Supplied

The new engine is matched to a new eight-speed required automobile that can be operated around paddle-shifters mounted on a steering wheel.

Other changes embody a reduce float height, stiffer springs and dampers, crook steering and stifle response and quicker rigging changes.

A foe symbol on a centre console turns a needles and dials from white to red — a neat pretence — and dials adult a responsiveness of a stifle and smoothness even further. It also introduces a sportier empty note.

Sports mode also brings adult readouts in between a speedo and tacho giving we information on energy and torque delivery, turbo boost vigour and g-forces.

It might sound like a neat pretence yet it’s substantially not advisable to be looking during how many g’s we are pulling while negotiating a dilemma — there’s a risk we could lift a whole lot some-more than we expected around an outing into a scenery.

The 308 GT is good versed with tech and luxe upholstery.

The 308 GT is good versed with tech and luxe upholstery.Source:Supplied

External cues embody twin chrome exhausts, 18-inch alloys, GT badges on a front, back and sides, darker back glass, black side mirrors and back diffuser, daytime using lights and indicator lights that corkscrew in a instruction you’re turning.

Inside, there are sporty Alcantara seats with a requisite red stitching, amalgamate pedals, mood lighting and a particular colour intrigue for a lurch readout.

Apart from that, there are no some-more goodies than a Allure, a class that’s already good versed with satnav, smartphone mirroring, front and back parking sensors, semi-automatic parking, electric park stop and keyless entrance and start.

The reserve package extends to active journey control, line gripping assistance, blind mark monitoring, unconstrained puncture braking and headlights that low for approaching traffic.

The 308 GT’s low weight means that it is an perform drive.

The 308 GT’s low weight means that it is an perform drive.Source:Supplied

On a road

There’s a propagandize of suspicion that energy alone doesn’t make for an enchanting prohibited induce experience. Volkswagen’s Golf GTI has been a benchmark for decades, notwithstanding mostly giving divided a energy advantage to many of a competition.

Given a light weight — only 1200kg — a GT has some-more than adequate grunt to make for an interesting drive.

And a other elements for pushing fun are all there. The steering is pointy and communicative and a cessation manacles out a bumps while gripping a automobile good planted yet corners.

The smoothness can bit a small inconclusive in normal mode, holding a while to conflict to a poke on a accelerator, yet it’s some-more manageable in sports mode, holding on to reduce gears to keep a energy on daub out of corners.

The engine itself is clever low down yet still happy to try a top reaches of a rev range.

For this form of car, a empty note is flattering spot-on. There’s no crackling and popping yet it lets out a eloquent snarl when pushed. Fuel use was considerable when cruising.

Verdict 3.5/5

The 308 GT is a good automobile to expostulate yet Peugeot is seeking hot-hatch income for a comfortable hatch. It stays to be seen either buyers will abandon a additional grunt for a classier cabin and some-more luxuries.

Peugeot 308 GT vitals

Price: $39,990 and on-roads

Warranty/servicing: 5 yrs/unlimited km, $3354 for 5 yrs/100,000km

Engine: 1.6-litre 4-cyl turbo, 165kW/285Nm

Safety: 5 stars, 6 airbags, AEB, blind mark warning, lane-keeping assistance

Thirst: 6.0L/100km

Spare: Space-saver

Boot: 470L