The tip to Toyota’s success

A organisation family favourite, a mid-size SUV now has acquire kerb interest to go with a essential stuff. Expect rivals in this hugely rival shred to follow a example.

We give a family of testers a high-specification 2WD Cruiser class for daily duties.

The RAV4 does all a right things.

The RAV4 does all a right things.Source:Supplied

First impressions

Jules: Does all get incomparable and heavier with age?

Iain: The RAV4 you’re articulate about?

Jules: Of course. When we was a kid, RAV4s were pocket-size, weren’t they?

Iain: Sure were. When introduced in 1994 they were tiddlers, generally a 3.7-metre-long three-door model. Kia Picanto-sized.

Jules: Well, they’ve put on some timber. This new one’s a whopper. It looks corpulent and severely tough with a pointed circle arches and 19-inch alloys.

Iain: They’re now resolutely mid-size family SUVs; about a metre longer than those beach-ready plasticky RAV4s from a nineties.

Jules: For a family of 4 it’s bang-on size-wise. Toyota’s Kluger is unnecessarily big, and a tiny C-HR SUV is too cramped.

Iain: Decent cost too. You can get a entry-level GX from about $34,000 drive-away, and a selection is healthy. Our Cruiser 2WD is $43K on a highway yet has a goodies to make parenting life some-more bearable.

The new Toyota RAV4 is a good family vehicle.

The new Toyota RAV4 is a good family vehicle.Source:Supplied

The vital space

Jules: Hey Toyota, you’re removing flattering fancy.

Iain: we wouldn’t go that distant yet a cabins are so most improved than a few years ago. Soft-touch lurch and doorway plastics and mistake leather for a seats lend a grand air.

Jules: Yeah yet Audi isn’t underneath threat. That said, we unequivocally like a grippy rubber surfaces on a doorway grabs, meridian knobs and a accessible small tray in a dashboard in front of a passenger.

Iain: It’s let down by clunky cosmetic switches for a chair heaters though, and a eight-inch shade lacks a high-definition of some rivals.

Jules: No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto either, yet we could use Siri hands-free.

Iain: Toyota promises smartphone mirroring will be here after this year and can be retrofitted to any RAV4s bought now.

Jules: About time. Another positive, it’s flattering large in this cabin.

Iain: And it’s good stocked. Power driver’s seat, digital driver’s display, keyless entrance and start, ambient lighting, twin section meridian control and wireless phone horse are included.

The new RAV4 brings some-more tech, reserve and cabin space than a prior version.

The new RAV4 brings some-more tech, reserve and cabin space than a prior version.Source:Supplied

The commute

Jules: I can see because mums adore SUVs. You float good and high in a RAV4 and it’s usually so gentle and well-spoken to drive. Doesn’t feel unwieldy either.

Iain: It’s an easy steer. The active journey control means it usually follows a automobile in front on a highway, seats are comfy — and how good are exhilarated seats in winter?

Jules: Hard to live though them, as good as a wireless assign pad. You usually hurl your phone on it and a electric fairies work their magic.

Iain: It excels on a reserve front yet a line depart warning was perpetually beeping. we had to spin it off. The automobile has line centring record yet we theory we cut corners.

Jules: In cars and in life. Anyway, it has torpedo JBL sound, that helped drown out a droning of a invariably non-static transmission.

Iain: Harsh. As CVTs go, it’s flattering well-spoken and quiet.

The RAV4’s cabin is most classier than before.

The RAV4’s cabin is most classier than before.Source:Supplied

The shopping

Jules: So most foot space. Plus there’s a fake building for storing valuables.

Iain: I’m all for automobile tailgates yet we probably grew a hipster brave in a time it took for that foot to open. And it beeps like a outpost reversing.

Jules: It was plentiful with sleet on one grocery emporium — trust me, we wish a tailgate to go adult in half a second then. Slow and protected goes out a window.

Iain: Safety pack includes breathtaking perspective guard reversing camera and sensors all round. Hard to have a automobile park bingle.

Sunday run

Jules: It’s usually 2WD so we suspect off-roading weekends are out?

Iain: Could do teenager stuff: a belligerent clearway is there yet we wouldn’t do soothing silt drives or go stone climbing.

Jules: The engine’s no firecracker.

Iain: It’s sensible. You can get a RAV4 with a punchier 2.5-litre; a 2.0-litre’s a bit underdone. That said, for $2000 some-more we can get a zippier hybrid. Far improved fuel economy, so it’d be my pick.

Jules: Importantly, it doesn’t hoop like a truck. It goes turn corners and roundabouts though a kids removing sick.

Iain: It is good offset and grippy for a mid-size SUV and indeed good fun to punt along if we get a urge. There’s even a “normal” initial rigging on a CVT, creation it improved off a line and reduction whiny.

The family

Jules: If we don’t need 7 seats, don’t get a Kluger, get a RAV4. Rear space is large for adults or kids.

Iain: A few middle SUV rivals have 7 seats so a RAV4 will remove some sales there yet you’re right, it’s a shining behind seat.

Jules: Air vents, dual USB ports in a behind and a hulk moonroof kept a kiddies cheery.

Iain: And from a family indicate of perspective a reserve pack is massive. Service costs are usually $210 a year for a initial 5 years. That’s unbeatable.

The verdict

Jules: Far reduction tedious than we feared, these new RAV4s demeanour a business and are very, unequivocally good during being ideal family SUVs. Dull if gentle to expostulate and a cabin is unequivocally clever. I’ll skip this car.

Iain: This new RAV4 is a constrained package. It’s adult there with a best middle SUVs I’ve driven. I’d collect a Hybrid — it adds usually $2000, no matter a grade. The economy benefits, generally for civic life, make so most sense.

Toyota RAV4 2WD Cruiser

Price: $43,000 drive-away

Warranty/servicing: 5 years/unlimited km; $1050 for 5 years/75,000km

Engine: 2.0-litre 4-cyl, 127kW/203Nm

Safety: 5 stars, 7 airbags, AEB with walking and cyclist detection, active journey control, line depart alert, line centring, road-sign assist, front and behind park sensors, behind camera, blind mark monitor, rear-cross trade alert

Thirst: 6.5L/100km

Spare: Space-saver

Boot: 580L