Traditional TV observation binds off streaming, Ofcom reveals

Martin Compston, Adrian Dunbar and Vicky McClure in Line of Duty

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The latest array of Line of Duty was a ratings hit

Watching programmes on a TV set is still a many renouned approach for UK audiences to watch radio – though streaming is throwing up.

Traditional observation – including catch-up within 28 days – still accounts for many TV watching, with an normal of 3 hours and 12 mins per day.

But according to Ofcom’s latest Media Nations report, this outlines a dump of 11 mins given 2017.

Average daily observation of streaming services rose final year to 26 minutes.

Changing observation habits

Average mins watched per day for UK adults

The series of UK households sealed adult to a many renouned streaming platforms – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV and Disney Life – increasing from 11.2m (39%) in 2018 to 13.3m (47%) in 2019.

The sum series of UK streaming subscriptions rose by a entertain in 2018 – from 15.6m to 19.1m – with many homes signing adult to some-more than one service.

The news found that dual in 5 of UK adults now cruise online video services to be their categorical approach of examination TV and film.

Despite normal TV observation declining, a 5 categorical open use broadcasters – BBC One, BBC Two, Channel 4, ITV/STV and Channel 5 – hold their share of viewing, during 52%.

  • Still Game most-watched Scottish uncover of 2018

But viewers now watch 50 mins reduction normal TV any day than in 2010 – and those in a younger age joint (16 to 24) have halved a time they spend examination TV that approach during a same period.

This is a second Media Nations news to be published by Ofcom.

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Friends is still a many streamed uncover on paid-for services in a UK

The first, that came out in 2018, found that Friends surfaced a list of a UK’s many renouned shows on paid-for streaming services.

It was a same again this year, with Friends during series one and accounting for around 2% of sum streams.

The US sitcom, that initial aired in 1994, was combined to Netflix early final year.

Amazon’s automobile uncover Grand Tour was a second many streamed, followed by You, The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, that are all on Netflix.

BBC One’s Line of Duty is a most-watched programme altogether this year so distant with 12.1 million tuning in to a final episode.

The channel’s Bodyguard was a most-watched play in 2018, with 14.3 million viewers for a final outing.

Yih-Choung Teh, plan and investigate organisation executive during Ofcom, said: “The approach we watch TV is changing faster than ever before. In a space of 7 years, streaming services have grown from zero to strech scarcely half of British homes.

“But normal broadcasters still have a critical purpose to play, producing a kind of shining UK programmes that abroad tech giants onslaught to match.

“We wish to means that calm for destiny generations, so we’re heading a national discuss on a destiny of open use broadcasting.”

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