‘Vandal grannies’ destroy loud children’s seesaw

Woman with saw in RussiaImage copyright

Two women in Russia’s Leningrad segment have been filmed destroying a children’s waver after angry about a noise.

Brandishing a saw, a dual women took turns slicing a stadium apparatus into pieces.

Video of a occurrence was uploaded to amicable media network VKontakte on Wednesday, Russian media reports.

Since then, a footage has been common widely, accumulating hundreds of thousands of views.

According to a informal Russian news use 78 News, a women were behaving to assistance their 100-year-old neighbour, who had been uneasy by a noise.

In a video, residents can be seen remonstrating with a span as doubtful children demeanour on.

“I can’t mount it any longer,” one of a women says.

“What are we doing in front of children? Do we have any thought or not?” an witness responds.

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On amicable media, critics cursed a poise of a dual women.

These “vandal grannies will now need to possibly set adult a new waver during their possess responsibility or repair this one,” one amicable media user declared.

“They should have brought some oil to stop a waver from screeching,” another commented. “But they took a saw and now they are all over a news like some vandals.”

Swings and roundabouts

Others voiced magnetism with a pair.

“Why has everybody ganged adult on these grannies instead of educating kids who are yelling like crazy nearby people’s windows?” one chairman asked.

“Don’t be judgmental, please,” another amicable media user implored. “Live to their age first. You’d be angry by a sound we assure you.”

Noisy stadium apparatus has led to drop in Russia before. In 2018, dual group used an angle millstone to destroy a steel pitch outward their homes in Bryansk, southwest of Moscow.