Why African football trainer Ahmad was called in by French investigators

President Ahmad

Ahmad has been boss of a Confederation of African Football given Mar 2017

A corner review by BBC Sport Africa and Norway’s Josimar repository can exhibit some of a credentials that led to one of universe football’s many comparison total being questioned by French authorities. He was interviewed, though not incarcerated nor charged, in Paris final week.

At a heart lies a little-known association that Confederation of African Football (Caf) President Ahmad introduced to his organisation. France-based Tactical Steel has turn a pivotal retailer of apparatus to Caf, including for this month’s Africa Cup of Nations, notwithstanding not appearing to offer football apparatus on a website.


Ever given papers leaked progressing this year highlighted a understanding done in 2017 – a year Ahmad took bureau – between Caf and French association Tactical Steel, a Caf president’s purpose has been underneath scrutiny.

The understanding in Dec 2017 was important as Caf cancelled an sequence value 210,217 euros ($248,055; £186,899) with sportswear association Puma to take adult an choice sequence with Tactical Steel for $1,015,313. The Puma understanding enclosed a 60% discount.

Caf had motionless to switch to a opposite sports code though these could not apparently be performed in time from a internal manufacturer, hence a appointment of Tactical Steel.

The switch to a new and unknown retailer captivated attention.

Caf insiders contend it is surprising for a African football physique to buy sports apparatus by a third party, rather than understanding directly with vital sports manufacturers as has happened frequently in a past.

Media reports advise a orders – to yield Caf with footballs and kits for a African Nations Championship (Chan) in Morocco in Jan 2018 – were matching though BBC Sport Africa and a Norwegian co-operator Josimar have been told this was not a case.

Ahmad has told us that a Puma understanding was for 13,378 non-branded apparatus and a Tactical Steel understanding for 35,460 branded items, though papers we’ve seen advise a disproportion between a orders was most smaller: a Puma understanding being for usually over 15,000 and a Tactical Steel one for usually over 22,000.


When asked by BBC Sport Africa if a Fifa vice-president had cancelled a Puma understanding and privately authorized one with Tactical Steel instead, a matter from Ahmad’s open family association said: “These accusations are totally false, antagonistic and defamatory.

“They are partial of a fight being instigated by a former comparison Caf worker opposite Caf and a president.”

Ahmad’s orator pronounced that it was a Caf administration, not Ahmad as president, that defended and negotiated a apparatus prices with Tactical Steel.

They also pronounced a Tactical Steel understanding was widespread opposite several years and “not usually for Chan 2018”.

A member of Caf’s Executive Committee claimed that correct procession has not been followed.

“The initial time a difference Tactical Steel were mentioned during a Executive Committee was by me [in Apr 2019], when we flagged it that there is this company, that we have hired and paid a outrageous sum of income to, and a Executive Committee was positively unaware,” pronounced Musa Bility.

“Other than that, there is zero to uncover that there [is] any display in terms of recommendation from a financial cabinet to a Executive Committee per Tactical Steel,” a Liberian told BBC Sport Africa.

Who are Tactical Steel?

Based in La Seyne-sur-Mer, nearby Toulon, in a south of France, Tactical Steel was purebred with French authorities in 2016 and specialises in creation gym equipment.


Tactical Steel’s website highlights a purpose in both creation and provision gym equipment

No discuss of a Caf partnership is done on a Tactical Steel website