Why we should cruise this ute

Its repute for removing a pursuit finished is one of a reasons for a D-Max occupying No. 5 place in 4WD ute sales so distant this year, forward of a Nissan Navara and Mazda BT-50.

That’s a outrageous attainment for a car that’s radically 8 years old. Isuzu has tinkered with a looks as best it can yet can’t costume a fact this car doesn’t have a latest reserve aids or connectivity.

It seems Isuzu buyers cite reliability, corroborated by a six-year/150,000km guaranty and 6 years giveaway roadside support over a latest conveniences.

The fact a Isuzu is still offered in decent numbers — 5907 in a initial half of this year — should worry a rivals ahead. The new D-Max approaching in 2021 will come with program and sensor updates that should usually boost a appeal.

Isuzu is famous for a dependability.

Isuzu is famous for a dependability.Source:Supplied


The Isuzu competence not container a latest tech yet nor does it engage a large strike to a bank balance. We’re pulling a dual-cab 4WD, a limited-edition X-Runner that sits during a tip of a D-Max choice during $54,990 on a road.

Standard rigging includes cylinder liner, sports bar, eight-inch touchscreen infotainment arrangement with satnav and reversing camera, six-speed involuntary delivery and a princely yet bombproof 3.0-litre turbo diesel.

For those who don’t indispensably need a X-Runner’s additional bits, a four-door 4WD D-Max kicks off during $39,990 drive-away for a SX.

Servicing costs are capped for a initial 7 years/105,000km on MY19 vehicles, totalling $3600 (the sixth-year use hurts during $1110).

Despite a age a D-Max sales keep increasing.

Despite a age a D-Max sales keep increasing.Source:Supplied


The D-Max shows a age opposite a latest, city focused stand of 4WD utes in carrying somewhat reduction polished manners around city and a some-more practical interior.

It still sits mid-pack in terms of how it handles an civic commute. The cessation is stiffer over tiny bumps than, say, a Ford Ranger and a behind finish jitters over tiny corrugations — a upside is that it hardly dips with 350kg in a back.

A brew of durable plastics for insurance and soft-touch panels to assistance labour a cabin’s looks and feel. Storage is decent front or behind and a seats are leather-clad yet not as bolstered as I’d like.

The steering feel from a hydraulic shelve is a hold heavier than a electro-hydraulic jobs in a shred leaders yet that weight helps in a severe stuff.

The deficiency of a digital speedo is another oppose for anyone vital in Victoria where fixating on a speedo rather than a trade is a compulsory partial of a pulling routine.

The cabin is sincerely spartan.

The cabin is sincerely spartan.Source:Supplied

Basics are covered, with a aircon discerning to feverishness or cool, a switchgear plain and good placed. A earthy volume doorknob for a audio would be handy.


The MY17 Isuzu warranted a five-star reserve rating from ANCAP, yet a outcome was formed on a initial contrast in 2012-13. It survived a pile-up tests comparatively insurance and warranted a measure of 33.58 out of 37.

Six airbags are customary yet an courteous motorist is a usually active reserve member — unconstrained puncture braking and a compared aids aren’t an option. The fact D-Max sales continue to grow indicates that isn’t a regard for a cut of a population.

Including such rigging presumably would extend a interest to immature families who cite a viewed insurance AEB brings.

The Isuzu simply handles a one-tonne cargo and 3500kg towing capacity.

The Isuzu simply handles a one-tonne cargo and 3500kg towing capacity.Source:Supplied


I like a D-Max. Like a rancher in a suit, it’s unobtrusive yet still looks a business. The 3.0-litre diesel has been tweaked to broach 130kW and 430Nm around a six-speed automatic.

It sounds a hold counterfeit from inside a cabin and doesn’t like to be revved yet keep it next 3300rpm and it pulls relentlessly.

A apart push alongside a delivery engages 2WD, 4WD high or 4WD low.

The low operation has a decent crawling speed yet highlights one of a few automatic flaws in a D-Max’s armoury: a deficiency of a limited-slip diff or diff lock.

Typical off-road work — mud marks and decent ruts — means no amazement and a mountain skirmish program is effective and easy to use.

For those who try low into a brush or on to a remote beach, some arrange of ability to close a behind wheels is useful when a going gets ugly.

Use a D-Max as a draw car or bucket lugger and you’re on a winner. The engine is carried true out of an Isuzu truck, so handles a one-tonne cargo or hauls adult to 3500kg but problems, other than pulling fuel economy good above a 7.9L/100km claim.

On a highway, that complicated steering unexpected becomes some-more soft and trailer lean control helps keep things in line.

It does a pursuit around city but unequivocally enjoying itself. Ideally there needs to be a bit of weight in a behind to keep a behind finish staid when you’re channel cobbled laneways and a like.

The branch round of 12.6m is tighter than a Ford Ranger, so it’s docile in selling centres.

Verdict 3.5/5

The D-Max is a bulletproof 4WD ute package let down usually by a miss of active reserve aids. Test expostulate it, afterwards discuss a pros and cons with a improved half.

Isuzu D-Max vitals

Price: $54,990 drive-away

Warranty/servicing: 6 years/150,000km, $2090 for 5 years

Safety: 5 stars, 6 airbags, behind camera and sensors

Engine: 3.0-litre 4-cyl turbo diesel, 130kW/430Nm

Thirst: 7.9L/100km

Spare: Full-size

Towing: 3500kg