William Tyrrell’s final Macca’s trip

A smiling three-year-old William sits atop a shoulders of his encourage father inside a Macca’s during Heatherbrae, a suburb of Port Stephens, half approach on a expostulate from Sydney to Kendall.

It is 6.25pm on Thursday, Sep 11, 2014 and a toddler has around 16 hours left before his kidnap and illusive death.

William, his sister, and their encourage relatives enter a Heatherbrae Macca’s, their common median stop on a tour north to see a children’s encourage grandmother.

The integrate has left their Sydney northside home and collected a children from day caring around 4.30pm.

Driving on a F3 Motorway, they stop during Caltex, in Wyong on a Central Coast and then, during Heatherbrae, 5km south of Raymond Terrace.

CCTV images uncover a 4 grouping their Macca’s dish during a conflicting during 6.26pm and collecting a dishes to eat while sitting during a dais opposite.

The encourage father gets adult to collect straws or napkins and earnings to a bench.

William Tyrrell (circled) on a shoulders of his encourage father during McDonalds, on a final outing he took on a dusk before his abduction. Picture: NSW CoronerSource:Supplied

Photograph of William Tyrrell personification on a veranda a morning of his abduction in a NSW city of Kendall. Picture: NSW CoronerSource:Supplied

The family nearing during McDonalds, Heatherbrae around 6.25pm. Picture: NSW CoronerSource:Supplied

Right, during a front counter. Picture: NSW CoronerSource:Supplied

The 4 lay down to eat during a counter. Picture: NSW CoronerSource:Supplied

Around 6.40pm, all 4 are prisoner withdrawal a stays of their dishes and exiting a store.

William and his encourage mom stop to chuck something in a bin, and afterwards William runs off to locate adult with his encourage father.

For a subsequent dual hours on a approach to Kendall, William and his sister will tumble asleep.

The encourage mom has dressed them in “pull-up” nappies so there is no need to stop.

The family lift into 48 Benaroon Drive, Kendall around 9pm and a children are put to bed in apart rooms.

William shares with his encourage father, and his sister goes in with a encourage mother.

The subsequent morning, a encourage mom wakes in a room with William’s sister and hears William personification in a subsequent room. She and a lady try to go behind to sleep, though can’t.

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Around 8am, William and his sister arise adult a encourage grandmother.

William insists on wearing his Spider-Man fit from their outing to Bali a prior month.

He pulls out all his toys from a bedroom he has been pity with a encourage father and starts personification in a loll room.

The encourage father, encourage grandmother and William’s sister are in front of a encourage mother, while William is behind her.

The encourage father gets undone with all a noise.

The family cooking a late breakfast of toast, eggs and Weet-Bix.

Leaving McDonalds Heatherbrae on a eve of William’s abduction, around 6.40pm. Picture: NSW CoronerSource:Supplied

As they leave Maccas, William and a encourage mom chuck things in a bin and he races forward to locate adult with his encourage father. Picture: NSW CoronerSource:Supplied

The encourage father leaves Benaroon Drive for Laurieton municipality to buy medication drugs from pharmacy and control business call around Skype.

William and his sister pull cinema and hurl bones on a veranda of a house, William rolling ‘the bones really hard” and “jumping out of his skin with energy”.

The encourage mom photographs William for a final time. He is “roaring” in a tiger diversion on a veranda.

William gets wearied and runs down from a veranda onto a grass.

It is now after 10am, substantially between 10.10am and 10.30am.

The encourage mom notices it is still and goes to hunt for William in a yard.

William has vanished.

The encourage father earnings to a residence to find William gone, and he joins in a search.

Despite hundreds of volunteers fasten police, sniffer dogs, SES workers and others in a search, no snippet of William Tyrrell has nonetheless been found.