Yousef Makki: Boy, 17, privileged of stabbing teen to death

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Yousef Makki, 17, was stabbed in a heart

A child has been absolved of murdering a 17-year-old he stabbed in a heart with a crack knife.

Manchester Grammar School student Yousef Makki was pounded in Hale Barns, Greater Manchester, on 2 March.

A 17-year-old, who was referred to as Boy A, was indicted of murdering Yousef in a quarrel over an try to sack a drug dealer.

The child denied murder, claiming he acted in self-defence, and was also found not guilty of manslaughter.

The jury reached a preference after a four-week hearing during Manchester Crown Court.

Following a verdict, Yousef’s father Ghaleb Makki exploded in annoy and a judge, Mr Justice Bryan, absolved a courtroom.

BBC Radio Manchester contributor Richard Stead, who was in court, pronounced there was “shock and disbelief” from a open gallery when a verdicts were announced.

He pronounced Mr Makki banged on a Perspex divider and began to scream and swear during jurors.

He was listened to scream “Where’s a probity for my son? Where’s a justice?” before collapsing on a building in tears.

Yousef, from a single-parent Anglo-Lebanese family from Burnage, south Manchester, had won a grant to a prestigious £12,000-a-year school.

He was stabbed in a village, that is renouned with footballers and celebrities.

A second teenager, also 17 and referred to as Boy B, was found not guilty of both perverting a march of probity and swindling to rob. Both boys were also absolved of swindling to dedicate spoliation in a lead-up to Yousef’s death.

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The teen was stabbed in a encampment of Hale Barns

The teenagers had formerly certified possessing a blade and Boy A pleaded guilty to perverting a march of probity by fibbing to police. Both defendants are due to be condemned for those charges on 25 July.

The jury listened a stabbing was an “accident watchful to happen” as all 3 boys indulged in “idiotic fantasies” personification as middle-class gangsters.

Despite a absolved backgrounds of both defendants, they led “double lives”, a probity was told.

Calling any other “Bro” and “Fam” and a military “feds”, a defendants and Yousef smoked cannabis and listened to swat and cavalcade music, a hearing heard.

They would post videos on amicable media, creation threats and posing with “shanks” or knives.

Hours before a deadly stabbing, Boy B organised a £45 cannabis understanding and a teenagers designed to sack a drug play – a “soft target”, a hearing heard.

But a spoliation went wrong and Yousef and Boy B fled, withdrawal Boy A to take a beating.

Boy A afterwards after pushed Yousef who punched him in a face, a hearing heard.

He told a jury Yousef pulled out a blade and he responded by also holding out a blade and his plant was incidentally stabbed.

As Yousef lay dying, a defendants hid a knives in underbrush and down a drain, dialled 999 and attempted to fixed Yousef’s chest wound.

A flitting heart surgeon achieved puncture medicine in a behind of an ambulance though a teen suffered inauspicious blood loss.

The defendants told military they had found Yousef stabbed and suggested others were responsible.

A matter expelled by a family of Boy A pronounced there were “no winners in this case”.

“Yousef’s genocide was a tragedy and a son will have to live with a shortcoming of his purpose for a rest of his life.

“But a Makki family’s detriment and harm are forever greater. Nothing we can contend can make adult for that or change it.”