ZAAP Hydra Xtreme Review: An Affordable Rugged Speaker For Your Outings

The advantages of Bluetooth speakers are countless and varied. Unlike a normal speakers that are connected to a sound complement or audio source around cables, this has no wires swinging from it. They can bond wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, and other devices, removing a need for additional wires, or anything else, that we competence need to make them work. The fact that Bluetooth speakers can be taken scarcely anywhere also means that they’re customarily flattering sturdy, designed to be used in an sourroundings where other speakers could be simply damaged. Advancement in technology, improved appreciation and acceptance, and increasing foe has led to all sorts of Bluetooth speakers. In fact, many people get impressed by a series of options out there.

If we wish to locate adult on your favorite songs while on a picnic, in a park, or on a trip, these are ideal investments. Right now there are dozens of companies in India that manufacturers Bluetooth speakers with opposite capacities. Among them, Zaap is a informed name in a Indian accessories marketplace and it seems to have designed a cut-throat foe with a rivals, generally when it comes to a unstable audio market. The association recently launched a new Bluetooth orator Zaap Hydra Xtreme in India it’s latest waterproof Bluetooth orator that is pronounced to be grown and designed by ZAAP USA for a Indian market.

In terms of pattern a Zaap Hydra Xtreme scores decent marks, a black phony orator looks elementary though also practical interjection to a imperishable design. You will find 4 block buttons, among which, one is a power, two-volume rocker and a play/pause keys on a tip of a speaker. All of them are done of rubber though were really manageable while regulating a speaker. Besides this, there is a microUSB pier that can be used for charging a device and a 3.5mm jack, in box we wish to play a song around an AUX cable. Both are dark underneath a rubber strap to strengthen them opposite dirt and water. There’s also a microphone so that we can take calls regulating this orator when your phone is interconnected around Bluetooth. It can simply be carried around, interjection to a compress pattern and a hoop on top. Thanks to the waterproof design, we can even asperse it in a bucket of water.


The Hydra Extreme was suddenly good when it came to performance. The orator has 12watt drivers and a pacifist subwoofer with dual 50mm drivers. You can suffer several song genres with a good volume of bass. The ZAAP Hydra Extreme is IP65 certified, and as mentioned above, we can take a orator to a pool parties, or a night during a beach but carrying to worry about deleterious it.

For voice calls, a speakers are some-more than adequate and a built-in microphone works but any problems. The orator connects to a phone seamlessly and worked in a initial try for mixed inclination easily. Double-pressing a volume symbol also changes marks with concordant apps. In terms of battery life, a orator is rated for 8 hours of continual listening. In bland usage, during around 60-70 percent volume, we are expected to get a full day’s use with strange listening and only over 8 hours for continuous listening.

Priced during Rs 2,899, a ZAAP Hydra Extreme is a decent wireless Bluetooth speaker, corroborated with best audio peculiarity and adequate bass. With a imperishable design; water, dust, sleet and startle proof; thumping drum is a good understanding during this bill price. It is a unsentimental choice with good sound outlay to play your favorite song while chilling out with friends.
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